Purple button representing the Applied Cryptography module 

The Applied Cryptography module aligns with Learning Outcomes in the NSA "Introduction to Cryptography" knowledge unit, which includes identifying the elements of a cryptographic system; describing the differences between symmetric and asymmetric algorithms; and describing which cryptographic protocols, tools, and techniques are appropriate for a given situation.

  • Aligns with Learning Outcomes in the Information Assurance and Security (IAS) knowledge unit of the ACM Computer Science Curricular Guidelines
  • Aligns with the Learning Objectives and Essential Knowledge Statements in the AP CSP framework, Big Idea 6: The Internet 

The Applied Cryptography module has been pilot-tested in the following courses: COSC 1301, Computers and Technology; COSC 1437, Programming Fundamentals II; CS 150, Computer Science I; and CST 101, Introduction to Information Systems.


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