What is C5?

Catalyzing Computing and Cybersecurity in Community Colleges (C5) is an NSF-funded project to support the creation of a nationwide network of community colleges that have met national standards in cybersecurity education, producing more and better-prepared graduates for the workforce, and ultimately leading to a more secure nation. Read more >>

Upcoming Events

Tue May 01 2018
CAE Application Deadline
Thu May 17 2018
CAE Application Assistance Program Workshop
Mon Jun 04 2018
CAE Program Mentor and Peer Reviewer Training
Wed Jun 06 2018
National Cyber Summit: CAE Designation Ceremony
Mon Jul 23 2018
HI-TEC Pre-Conference Workshop: NSF-Sponsored Teaching Materials

Upcoming Developments: Cyber Curriculum

At the beginning of 2018, the C5 project is augmenting its cybersecurity modules to make them more useful for community college faculty. Dr. Matt Bishop, a professor of computer science at the University of California Davis, is leading efforts to develop a Linux primer to be added to the Secure Scripting module. Dr. Christian Servin, an associate professor in computer science at El Paso Community College, and others are working on creating a Python version of the entire module, scheduled to be released in February 2018. 

Also in progress is a curriculum alignment guide to national standards, which will map the modules to the College Board AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) course, the NSA CAE/2Y Knowledge Units, and the ACM Computer Science Curricular Guidelines. C5 leadership plans to complete the alignment guide in February.